Sitemap - 2023 - The Perspectivalist

Christmas in a Negative World

The Postmillennial Nature of Christmas Carols

How Dagon Tried to Steal Christmas

DINKS and Dominion

Adventing Through Our Anxieties

How to Play During Advent

And They Were All Yellow: Reflections on Biblical Colors & San Francisco With Love

The Meaning of Jesus

The Advent Wreath and the Meaning of the Four Candles

Advent and Christmas Hymns: What's the Difference?

10 Reasons to Celebrate the Church Calendar

Why We Don't Love Advent

The Art of Complaining and Grumbling

The Danger of Living in Past Sin; Or, How to Become a Better Story-Teller

Parenting: A Few Observations

The Symbolic World of Baptism

Our Anger Problem and What To Do About It

The Brief Case for Halloween

From Virginia with Love

Nine Thoughts on Biblical Language with a Hint of Maple

The Case for Long Conversations

The Case for Weekly Communion

How Abraham Kuyper Changed My Life

My Reformed Journey

The War of the Priesthood

The Next 25 Years of the CREC

Theology and the Presence of God

The Fetterman Rule and Its Implications for Clothing Etiquette

Worship is Hard and That's Why It's Good

Female Ordination and the Making of the Gay Clergy

Is Reformed Worship a Departure from Rome or Rome Re-made?

Three Theses on Postmillennialism

Journey to the Center of the Earth and Christian Coffee

The Loss of Male Friendship

An Introduction to James B. Jordan

The Necessity of Titles in an Age of Incivility

The Profit of Exercise in the Christian Life

The Reformed Case for Anointing with Oil

The Nazarite Vows and the Eucharist

How to Read the Bible Through Maturity and Meat

Why the Church Needs Poets and Practitioners

Drinking with John MacArthur: A Friendly Critique

Revolutionaries, George Gilder, and Podcasts

The Baptists and Their Women

Making Home in Moscow

Hey, Jude: The Harmony of Knowledge, Doing, and Habits

An Independence Day Meditation

An Ecclesial Conservatism: An Overview

Nacho Libre and a Theology of Eagles

Male Headship and Female Glory: An Exposition

The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jayber Crow: A Review

A Theology of Fatherhood

How to be Truly Political

The Trinitarian Father: Ten Years Later

Redeeming Summer Like a Christian

The Priesthood of Jesus and the Devilish Offers

A Theology of Gratitude

The Way of the Young Man and the Great Project

The Case For Ordinary Whimpers

History and Head-Coverings: Preliminary Thoughts

The Devil's Diet: The Seven Deadly Sins Revisited

The Why and the How of Solomonic Hospitality

The Gift and Curse of Outrage: An Introduction

Christian Pipe-Smoking: An Introduction to Holy Incense and Bonus Interview with Dr. Samuel Frost on Full-Preterism

A Review of The Princess and Curdie: The Unexpected Ending and the Resurrection of Gwyntystorm

The Case For Ordinary Whimpers and Diaper Changing

The Case for Covenantal Continuity in the Sacramental Life of the Church

The Pastor and the Virtue of Learning

An Autobiography of Fear

The Danger of Introspectionism in Evangelical Culture

Is Easter Over?

Holy Saturday: The Unsettled Silence

Good Friday: The Politics of the Cross

Maundy Thursday: A New Commandment

Holy Wednesday: Loud Worship

Holy Tuesday: Satanic Bribes

Holy Monday: Cleansing the Temple

Lenten Devotional (34) & The Death of Death of The Devil

Lenten Devotional (33) & The Seven Deadly Sins

Lenten Devotional (32) & The Tragedy of Nashville

Lenten Devotional (31) & the Fruit of Beth Moore

Lenten Devotional (30) & Providencia

Lenten Devotional (29): Love is Ethics

Lenten Devotional (28) & Pauline Authorship

Lenten Devotional (27) & The Nature of Creeds

Lenten Devotional (26) & Eastern Orthodoxy

Lenten Devotional (25) and Frank Sinatra

Lenten Devotional (24), Full American Moment Interview, and Satan's Defeat

Lenten Devotional (23), and Interview with the American Moment

Lenten Devotional (22) and my Review of the Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald

Lenten Devotional (21) & Universalism

Lenten Devotional (20) and Head-Coverings

Lenten Devotional (19) and the Bible Project

Lenten Devotional (18): The Wondrous Cross

Lenten Devotional (17): Eating the Right Things

Lenten Devotional (16) and the Priesthood of the Believer (Gary DeMar Controversy)

Lenten Devotional (15) and Music Appreciation

Lenten Devotional (14) and Peter's Fires

Lenten Devotional (13) and Talking to Babies

Lenten Devotional (12), Gary Demar Controversy, and George Foreman

Lenten Devotional (11): The Art of Moving

Lenten Devotional (10), Universalism and Bourbon Coffee

Lenten Devotional (9) and an Open Letter to Gary Demar Concerning the Second Coming of our Lord

Lenten Devotional (8) and the Case for Psalm-Singing

Lenten Devotional (7) and Interpretations of Samson

Lenten Devotional (6) and NSA CALLED Conference 2023

Lenten Meditation (5) and the Sprinkling of Nations

Strawbridge, Mode of Baptism, Lenten Meditation (4)

Lenten Meditation (3)

Holy Lent (2) and Solomonic Fatherhood

Home Again and Lenten Meditation

Lessons from Washington D.C.

Live Free or Die!

On the Road Again...

On Writing Habits: An Autobiography of My Writing Journey

Country Road, Monroe, LA