Pastor Brito,

In the interview Pastor Phelps mentioned his book on "Against Education Vouchers" which is not available on Canon Press any more. Is there some other location where it may be obtained?

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Hi Pastor Brito,

In your interview with Jack Phelps, you both talked about not marking up (except minimally in the margins) or highlighting passages in books you read, and, like R.J. Rushdoony, you make notes in the back of your books instead. I'd love to know a bit more on that if and when you're able. I'm a professed "markoholic" and would be grateful to know if there's a better way! Also, what about marking up one's Bible? I'm curious to know what your thoughts on that are. Thank you very much!

With blessings in our Lord to you & your family, from your sister in Christ,


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