Pastor Brito,

In the interview Pastor Phelps mentioned his book on "Against Education Vouchers" which is not available on Canon Press any more. Is there some other location where it may be obtained?

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From Jack Phelps:

Against Education Vouchers has been out of print for a very long time. I don't have any spare copies left to distribute. However, I could scan it for them and send a pdf if they are interested. Also, I had a conversation recently with an attorney at HSLDA. We discussed the possibility of coming out with an expanded revised edition. The original paper was for a talk I gave at a national homeschool convention in 1990. It was nearly twice as long as the booklet published by Canon. In the revised edition, I intend to put a lot of the original material back in as well as adding some new material to bring the book more up to date. Keep in mind that the Canon version was published back in 1994. The national discussion has shifted considerably since then.


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May 17, 2023Liked by Dr. Uriesou Brito

Hi Pastor Brito,

In your interview with Jack Phelps, you both talked about not marking up (except minimally in the margins) or highlighting passages in books you read, and, like R.J. Rushdoony, you make notes in the back of your books instead. I'd love to know a bit more on that if and when you're able. I'm a professed "markoholic" and would be grateful to know if there's a better way! Also, what about marking up one's Bible? I'm curious to know what your thoughts on that are. Thank you very much!

With blessings in our Lord to you & your family, from your sister in Christ,


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Mark up everything, everywhere. A book hasn't been read unless it's filled with your comments. That turns it into a conversation. The reader is not just a spectator. He's a participant.

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Hi Brian, Thanks for your encouragement! I enjoyed very much your comment. I'll continue highlighting & marking as usual unless Pastor Brito brings another perspective to this. In the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and mark away! 😂 Thanks once again!

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